Disability Saves the World with Dr. Fady Shanouda

Dr. Sona Kazemi

April 10, 2020

In today's episode, I speak with Dr. Sona Kazemi about her forthcoming book, her new model of disability, and everything to do with resistance against the current Iranian state. I speak with her about her love of poetry and art, and of course, ask her how disability can save the world...

Dr. Sona Kazemi - https://sonakazemi.wordpress.com/

Academic Crush - Dr. Shokoufeh Sakahi - https://yorku.academia.edu/ShokoufehSakhi

Book Recommendation - 

Torture in the Name of Allah: Ghezelhesar Prison by Iraj Mesdaghi (Author), Sepehr Manochehri (Editor, Translator)

Ghosts of Revolution: Rekindled Memories of Imprisonment in Iran by Shahla Talebi

Call for Papers - Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal https://rdsjournal.org/index.php/journal/article/view/963

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